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About Us

After many years my family roots in Mystic have drawn me back to the Connecticut shore. There is an allure to salt water that is also difficult to resist. I have managed some of Connecticut’s finest landscape and garden center businesses and bring back a wealth of experience.

My passion is matching people with plants and this is what I hope to do for you. Sound Design means understanding what a client wishes to accomplish and making it happen with the plants and materials that are best suited to the conditions. I can work with any style of plants from natural to manicured and enjoy a variety. My college background is in natural resources so native plantings and wildlife habitat are a specialty. Perennial gardening is also a personal hobby but know that my experience spans all plant types from herbs and annuals to trees. It seems odd to me that most planting selection and design is done by people who began in or specialize in maintenance or masonry. Why not make plants a priority? There is a lot of science and knowledge that goes into proper plant selection.

I enjoy the one on one with a client who considers their property to be an integral part of their home. If you feel this sounds like you why don’t we walk your yard some time. There will be no charge for the initial visit.

Chris Bates